Indiana Veterans Party of America Annual Convention Meeting Notes


At 1513, meeting was called to order by out-going Chairman Corbin Doades.

In Attendance were Vice Chairman Bradford Bohannon and Treasurer Christa Harness.

Absent was Secretary Matthew McClure.

Reading of Party By-Laws.

Changes were made to reflect the National Party’s request to remove the apostrophe from the Party’s name.

Article 2 Section 1 (1) was amended to set the term limit for the Chairman from four (4) years to two (2) year terms not to exceed a total of 3 terms (6 years). All other positions were amended to two (2) year terms with no term limit.

Due to the lack of eligible Committee members, voting for a new Chairperson was postponed. Vice Chairman Bradford Bohannon will assume the duties of Chair until a new Chairperson can be properly voted on. It was suggested to open the position to all interested persons.

Out-Going Chairman Corbin Doades has taken the role of Knox County Chairman and will assume to role of social media liaison. He will continue to post to the State Facebook and Twitter Accounts as well as keep up on the State website.

Meeting was adjourned till next month when a vote on a new chairperson will take place.