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May 20, 2016

VPA Presidential Candidate Chris Keniston needs volunteers to collect signatures

Vincennes, IN, May 20, 2016– Veterans’ Party of America’s Presidential Candidate Chris Keniston is calling on Hoosiers to help collect signatures to insure he makes it onto Novembers ballot. According to the Indiana Election Division, Mr. Keniston needs to collect a total of 27,000 signatures from registered voters before June 30, 2016. By signing the petition, you are telling election officials you permit Mr. Keniston to appear on the ballot. Individuals interested in collecting signatures in their county, please contact Ballot Access Officer Michael St. John at

“It is hard for us to go out and collect signatures. Most of the State Committee members hold down full time jobs for local government agencies. Those agencies have policies in place that forbid political material on the property.” Says Corbin Doades, Indiana Chairman for the Veterans’ Party of America. “We are asking those who want other options come November to help us collect signatures on these ballots so that Mr. Keniston can appear as another option for President. We already have him on other State ballots and we are working hard to get him on Indiana’s.”

Chris Keniston was born into a military family on January 19, 1971 at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington DC. Both of his parents were born and raised in western Pennsylvania. Shortly after Chris was born, his family relocated to San Angelo, Texas where his father completed linguistics and technical training at Goodfellow Air Force Base. His family was then assigned to Berlin, Germany, where Chris’s father was stationed until his honorable discharge from the Army in 1974. The family returned to the United States and settled in his parents’ hometown of Franklin, Pennsylvania – a small town north of Pittsburgh.

Chris spent his childhood in western Pennsylvania, graduating from Franklin Area High School in 1989. Characteristic of his strong-willed and independent nature, Chris left home immediately to begin his adult life. Financially unable to pursue a college education and repeatedly denied financial assistance, Chris entered the workforce with a high school diploma and no marketable skills. For the next three years, he worked a variety of food service, retail and sales jobs… often several at a time… to support himself. In 1992, he was offered an entry-level manufacturing position. There, he enjoyed earning more than minimum wage for the first time. He rapidly promoted to a top-rated printing press operator. Finally feeling relatively settled and financially secure, Chris married his high school sweetheart in 1995.

Despite his accomplishments without benefit of higher education, Chris was constantly aware of his professional limitations. He had essentially peaked in his manufacturing career after three years, and was only earning 50% more than minimum wage. He remained desperate to learn marketable trade skills, have access to higher education and decent quality healthcare. His responsibilities as a husband and father demanded taking action to provide better future opportunities for his family. Chris ultimately decided that military service was his best option for accomplishing those goals. At age 25, he joined the United States Air Force in 1996 as a cargo aircraft mechanic, continuing a family tradition of military service, beginning with his grandfather in World War II.

After completing his Air Force in Texas, Chris was permanently assigned to McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey a C-141B mechanic, generating aircraft to support the Iraq No-Fly Zones, Kosovo operations, and various presidential/diplomatic missions.

Chris accepted a C-130 Technical Training Instructor position at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, spending the next four years training apprentice-level aircraft mechanics to support the Global War on Terror (GWOT), Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), following the terror attacks on 9/11/2001. Shortly after arriving in Texas, the stresses of military life claimed his first marriage. Several months later, Chris met his second wife, Charla. They married in 2004 and remain together today.

Upon expiration of his instructor assignment in 2004, Chris was reassigned to an Air Force Special Operations Command HC-130P unit stationed at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. He quickly became a Dedicated/Flying Crew Chief and was assigned his own aircraft. Chris had one OEF deployment in 2005, supporting counter-terrorism operations with Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) in Djibouti, Africa. After returning from his deployment, Chris was promoted to a unit-level aircraft maintenance supervisor position, then quickly promoted to a base-level aircraft maintenance supervisor position, where he served until his decision to leave the Air Force in 2009.

During his active-duty Air Force career, Chris attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Aeronautics through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Since returning to civilian life in 2009, Chris has focused his professional efforts on the success of American manufacturing. He has completed post-graduate courses in Maintenance and Reliability Management, Industrial Health and Safety, and Predictive Maintenance technologies. He is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional who has led Continuous Improvement efforts in several different industries, primarily focusing on Equipment Maintenance and Reliability. He has also held leadership positions in Environmental, Health and Safety. His career as a consultant and senior staff member has provided significant insight to the effects of federal and state government regulations on industry in many different states. His civilian career in manufacturing has provided invaluable experience about the effects of the Obama administration’s policies and trade agreements on American manufacturing.

Chris has always been a passionate advocate for ethical, Constitutional government. For most of his adult life, he maintained a fierce political independence – refusing any party affiliation. His first political affiliation occurred in February 2015, when he joined Veterans Party of America. Since joining the party, he has served as Louisiana State Chair and Texas Member-At-Large. He is currently serving as the National Secretary.

On a personal note, Chris is a husband and father – the parent of one child and step-parent of two others, residing in Texas. He considers himself a spiritually independent person of deep faith and conviction. As a Veteran who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution on four separate occasions, he strongly believes in protecting and preserving the inherent Constitutional liberties and individual accountability of every US citizen. He sincerely believes that all US Citizens are entitled to live according to their own values and beliefs, with the freedom of opportunity to pursue any path they choose, within a minimal framework of Constitutional laws.

To find out more about Chris Keniston, you can view his website at For more information about the Veterans’ Party of America, you can visit and the Indiana Veterans’ Party of America by visiting You can find all 3 on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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