Veterans’ Benefits

Veterans-Benefits-300x130It is the goal of the Indiana Veterans’ Party of America to protect the benefits earned by our Nation’s military. This includes those that serve in the Regular Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard as well as our National Guard members. At no time will the Indiana Veterans’ Party of America vote for any legislation, whether it be State or Federal level, that cuts or limits benefits to those that served unless it includes all federal/state employees including those who are in elected positions.

Current benefits given to our Veterans in the State of Indiana will be reviewed and include those that have been given a disability rating of at least 0% by the Veterans Affairs. Those currently serving and veterans shall be afforded the right to receive concealed carry permit free of charge after following the mandated process. Those wishing to have a lifetime CCW permit will be able to purchase one at half the cost of the current listed price.


Note: This is a rough draft and changes can/will be made based on feedback provided by our fellow Hoosiers.