Security Platform

To ensure the safety and security of the State of Indiana and its residents, changes must be made to the law enforcement community, fire and Ems services, and the National Guard. Upon taking office in the Indiana Senate and/or Governor, the Indiana Veterans’ Party of America will draft/recommend legislation as follows:

  1. Revise the current training requirements for law enforcement to include ethnic diversity and cultural awareness. This will reoccur once a year until repealed by the State Senate.
  2. Physical fitness testing for law enforcement will be overhauled and reflect similar standards of the US Army’s APFT and will be required to be retaken annually. Officers failing to pass the test will be given the opportunity to rest after 4 months. If it is failed again, the officer will be placed on administrative leave with no pay and given a 3rd test after another 4 months. After the 3rd test, the officer will be relieved of duty and not be eligible to be rehired for 1 year time.
  3. Body/vehicle cameras will be mandated for all law enforcement agencies in the State of Indiana. This includes transport vehicles, Department of Correction vehicles, and private correctional institutions. Agencies failing to comply will be fined a determined fee set by the State Senate.
  4. A State Fire Training center will be established in two locations. Fire agencies will be able to use these facilities for various training exercises and specialized training. The State of Indiana will offer certification classes year round for individuals in the Fire Service. EMS/Ambulance services will be allowed to use the facility for training sessions and EVOC training.
  5. Emergency Vehicle Operator Certification will be mandatory for all public safety agencies in the State of Indiana. Private services will be given the option to attend.
  6. The National Guard will also be overhauled. Those serving at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, Indiana as Military Police will be required to attend Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Engineer units, while on Annual Training, will participate in various jobs around the state determined by their specialty. This option will allow the State to save money on construction costs and allow our service members to hone in on their skills.
  7. The National Guard Training Center in Edinburgh, Indiana, will continue to be upgraded along with the Mascatatuck Urban Training Center. These facilities are a vital part of the current training our military participates in, in the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. These facilities also give our local public safety agencies the opportunity to train on urban search and rescue.

As we continue to develop our plans and ideals for the State of Indiana, these options will change to reflect the Constitutional aspect and financial feasibility.